Submitted* Reason No. 1
"I love my life because there are sparks of color, even on the grey days."

*Finally! Some one sent me a reason. This is from my dear friend Annie Grumbles, a girl I met as a 12-year-old and re-met as a beautiful young woman six years later. Thank you Annie. :)

PS If you (yes you!) see this and feel inspired, PLEASE send me your reasons to They can be scribbled, photographed, collaged, graffitied...anything. You don't have to know me and you can remain anonymous if you like. Remember, when you share a reason why you love your life, some one else will realize why they love theirs.


  1. hannah! my cousin gave me a journal type thing and told me to write in it everytime I found reasons I love life...I am not creative and colorful like you, but I do write in it every day and maybe I'll find one that I like and send it to you :-)