Reason No. 20

"I love my life because to me, school is exciting!"

Reason No. 26

"I love my life because of all the people
who make me LAUGH."

Reason No. 150

"I love my life because of these last nights."

Reason No. 174

"I love my life because after six long years,
strangers still love."

Reason No. 183

"I love my life because of how they are the same.
And different."

Reason No. 257

"I love my life because I love lists!"

Reason No. 258

"I love my life because I'm learning new normals."

Reason No. 263

"I love my life because
these survived many seasons."

Reason No. 264

"I love my life becaue I can pick up where I left off."

Submitted Reason No. 100
"I love my life because my friends and family
stick by me when things go wrong.
Also! Because Hannah comes home soon!"
- Alex Weygandt

Submitted Reason No. 101
"I love my life because...
my heart is full!"
- Karen Yost

Submitted Reason No. 102

"I love my life because
I can still listen to local Washington radio
even when I'm in Japan!"
- Mark Burns

Submitted Reason No. 103
"I love my life because
my friends love me
and are always by my side
when I am at my best
or at my worst!"
- Nayeli Villanueva

Submitted Reason No. 104

"I love my life because...
it looks like I'm taking notes,
but really I'm just
- Anonymous

Submitted Reasons No. 105 - 108
"My life is beautiful because
I have friends who [offer to]
move my laundry to the dryer.
My life is beautiful when I eat violets.
Life is beautiful because-
who knew cartography is so fascinating?!
I love life because
Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote about
'the purple wild sweet pea.'
(See her poem Exiled.)"
- Sarah Moses-Winyard

Submitted Reason No. 110
"I love my life because
I still visit Anacortes
in my dreams."
- Alison Rinsland

Submitted Reason No. 111

"I love my life because this is what I get to come home to."
- Sarah Brennan

PS So my upcoming week is looking rather chaotic (I have 8 days left in Costa Rica), and I'm afraid next week's reasons may be delayed a bit. If you want to see new reasons in the mean time, check out the facebook group and always feel free to send me an email at You all have given me over 100 reasons why our lives are loved; thanks for that. :)

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