Submitted Reason No. 77

"I love my life because
the struggle of figuring things out
makes me feel like I'm growing so much."

- Candace Kiersky

Submitted Reason No. 78
"I love my life because in times when you need help,
helping someone else is the best way to solve it."
- Tyler Thompson

Submitted Reason No. 94
"I love my life because
I have a wonderful family and friends
who love me and will always be there for me.
Also because of my recent epiphany that
I have the freedom to do whatever I want
with my life after I graduate
(in 3 weeks :))"

- Ashley Hardesty

Submitted Reason No. 79
"I love my life because
even from Homer, Alaska
we can talk about
why cats have whiskers
(and much more)
at any time of the day or night."

- Mila Zotova

Submitted Reason No. 99

"I love my life because we all worked so hard these past three years
- Kaetlynn Daoust

Submitted Reason No. 80
"I love my life because each day
has something to be learned."

- Lexi Hiles

Submitted Reason No. 81
"I love my life because it's filled with
hope, beauty,
and Jesus."

- Mark Richcreek

Submitted Reason No. 82
"Mariokart after work!"
- Jeff and Val Holtgeerts

Submitted Reason No. 84
"I love my life because
I realized all of the opportunities
that my parents gave me
that they didn't need to,
but chose to,
and got me to where I am today."

- Sara Brennan

Submitted Reason No. 76

"I love my life because no matter how far you are home is just a phone/skype call away."
- Becca Rieger

Submitted Reason No. 85
"I love my life because of rain, sometimes."
- Luke Holtgeerts

Submitted Reason No. 86
"I love my life because now more than ever
I know that I am not alone,
it's not something I have to face,
it's something

- Nay Villanueva

Submitted Reason No. 98
"I love my life because
I just might get to pretend to be
the Anacortes version of Hermione Granger this summer,
bushy hair love included."
- Antonia Heffelfinger

Submitted Reason No. 87
"I love my life because of
old dead quotable people like
C.S. Lewis and Dr. Suess and Walt Disney."

- Erika Payne

Submitted Reason No. 88
"I love my life because
I am malleable
and my life is always changing,
and there is never a shortage of love."

- Madison Mackenzie

Submitted Reason No. 90

"I love my life becauase the sun will always shine again...and it will be glorious."
- Elisabeth Raff

Submitted Reason No. 92
"I love my life because
even when it sucks,
the sun always comes up tomorrow
for another try."

- Jillian Walker

Submitted Reason No. 91
"I love my life because
there are good times to make me happy,
bad times to keep me strong,
loving family to smother me
and awesome friends to lean on."

- Simmi Bagri

Submitted Reason No. 93
"I love my life because I have someone who loves me.
And no matter how hard things get
she always has a smile on her face,
and she always lifts me up when I'm feeling down.
She brightens the world with her heart.
And she warms my heart with her smile.
I love you sweetie."

- Ty Jameson

Reason No. 255

"I love my life because I do what I love and I love what I do!"

Submitted Reason No. 96
"I love my life because
I was blessed with loving parents,
a wonderful family, great friends, good health and
a world filled with endless opportunities.
Oh, yeah, my dog rocks, too."

- Tim Conyers

Submitted Reason No. 97

"I love my life because God gave me a beautiful life to love!"
- Erin Rieger

Every week I'm blown away by the reasons why we love our lives.
Thanks for submitting -- the next reason will be No. 100!
I'm sorry I didn't add many of my own;
this last week I have been working diligently on my final video update from Costa Rica.
Hope you enjoy it (and can catch a glimpse of why I can't come to grips with saying goodbye):

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