Submitted Reason No. 4

"I Love my Life because Love is worth waiting for!!!"
-Joy Brandli, my youth group leader/inspiration for life

Reason No. 80

"I love my life because it teaches me patience and hope."

Reason No. 226

"I love my life because I love letters."

Reason No. 61

"I love my life because I appreciate the fact that I'm not a child soldier."

Reason No. 215

"I love my life because I love the thought of next summer."

Reason No. 139

"I love my life because of the music that raised me."

Reason No. 40

"I love my life because of the future ahead of me."

Reason No. 14

"I love my life because my parents love me (and they show it)."

Reason No. 230

"I love my life because of giraffes and the Discovery channel."

Reason No. 231

"I love my life because I haven't met him yet (or maybe I have),
but I already love my husband."

Submitted Reason No. 5

"I love my life because...we're related?"
-Henry Holtgeerts, my brother

PS I recently heard this blog described as a more optimistic Postsecret, which is ironic because that's exactly how I described it to some one not too long ago. There are thousands of reasons to love your life...share just one with the rest of the world:

PPS If you haven't noticed the pattern forming, I'm trying to upload new reasons every Sunday (again...kinda like postsecret). There's no guarantee about what time exactly, but they should always be up by Monday morning -- a good way to start the week. :)

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